Logistics and Storage

Warehousing and Logistics in Spain, France and the rest of Europe

We have strategically located warehouses in the north of Spain and the south of France which allow us to provide logistical support to our customers at all times. Thanks to our own warehouses and extensive networks of collaborators, we can offer storage services throughout the European Community, reducing transport times.

We make all the necessary arrangements so that the supply chain passes satisfactorily from the collection to the storage, labeling, and subsequent distribution phase. Our computer systems allow us to control both the inputs and outputs of products with maximum detail and in real time.

Our customer service department is ready to advise you personally on everything related to the processing and management of your freights, in addition to providing quick, efficient and professional solutions to optimize your resources.


Complete logistic management

  • Professional technical advice
  • We handle all the necessary paperwork
  • S​trategically located and secure storage for your freights
  • Advanced computer system for control and monitoring of fleet and stored goods
  • Public Customs Warehouse (PCW)


Related logistic services

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    Storage of goods in transit

    Count on your freights regardless of the location of it.

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    Key to the reduction of stocks and to the greater efficiency in the distribution chain.

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    Public Customs Warehouse

    Indefinite time storage of imported goods, from outside of the EU.

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    Stock management

    We optimize all the processes, cost cuts and improve the level o efficiency.

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    We track your freights in real time.

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    Webservice communication service

    The status of your freights visible from any device.

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    We pack and prepare your orders so you can send them directly to your destination.

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